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Biodiversity & Development Institute
The Biodiversity & Development Institute's YouTube channel has a large number of interesting presentations on subjects relating to the Virtual Museum
Click here to access The Biodiversity & Development Institute YouTube channel.

Better Birding Webinars
Below are YouTube webinars on various topics. Click here to access these.
1. Which Buzzard is that?
2. The Birding Sights and Sounds of the Karoo.
3. Birding South Arica’s 10th Province – a birding tour of the magnificent Marion Island.
4. Waders 101.
5. Conserving Africa’s tallest endemic raptor (Secretarybird).
6. Rare Waders.
7. Accipter Identification.
8. Tips and tricks for bird photograhpy.

SABAP2 Webinars
Below are YouTube videos on various atlasing topics of interest to participants in SABAP2.
1. “June 2019 status of SABAP2” (40 mins) - http://sabap2.adu.org.za/media/youtube/06g1ev5d71c#pgcontent
2. “BirdLasser Tips and Tricks 1” (41 mins) - http://sabap2.adu.org.za/media/youtube/eUiIwuo1z4U#pgcontent
3. “BirdLasser Tips and Tricks 2” (42 mins) - https://protect-za.mimecast.com/s/KrUyC98A5gUZ7Y9zToe2aR

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